Thursday, May 21, 2009

Studio vs. Live Recorded Music

A number of people have approached me recently as to why I would move from studio recorded music to capturing live music. A couple of reasons 1) being that the business has changed since when I first began in the 80's and worked my way as an Artist and Repertoire man. How it once was and how it is today is worth it's own discussion but more importantly 2) I liken it to capturing wildlife in their natural habitat. Where it was once my focus, having being involved in the recording of over a hundred studio albums which is capturing in controlled and often influenced environments (zoo) I now find it more fascinating in dealing with the unexpected, edgier and more realistic capturing of the live stage (the wild). Fans would much rather see the "kill" rather than the "feed" and the ability to move faster, deliver more and separate the great from the good happens more now from the live element than the current manufactured studio experience. There are a great many more technical limitations when capturing the live event but when dealing with a cooperative and competent artist being captured by a team of experienced professionals the benefits to the fans is far greater than the studio album.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Green Day

Green Day continue their successful return to center stage with their recent appearance on SNL as well as club dates to promote the release of their new album 21st Century Breakdown. This is a band that has been around for over 20 years, paying their dues and honing their skills and their hard work has culminated to being one of the biggesst rock bands in the world. Following the success of American Idiot we at Total Live Music salute their accomplishments and look forward to supporting and following their travels on the road.